About us

About Us

A Message from the President

In healthcare, nothing is as important as trust and confidence. As a patient, for example, you have to be able to trust your physician, to feel confident that his or her decisions are the best for your unique healthcare needs.

It’s no different with a hospital, and we at Simi Valley Hospital know that. Our top priority since we opened our doors in 1965 has always been the same: to provide a healing environment that is professional, competent, caring, reliable and safe. Our mission guides us toward those goals.

You can also trust the approval of one of the top hospital-accreditation bodies in the United States, the Joint Commission. Simi Valley Hospital has consistently earned full three-year accreditation from the Joint Commission. In addition, many of our hospital departments and services also carry accreditation from their specific licensing bodies.

We believe that continuous improvement is critical to keeping the long-term confidence of our community. Recent improvements in our services include:

  • Customer-friendly guest guides to introduce our patients to Simi Valley Hospital.
  • A new pre-surgical assessment screening (PAS) program for patients.
  • A new computer-based system that provides disease-specific educational information for patients and their families, in both English and Spanish.
  • Staff education on age-specific competencies-learning how to best serve patients of all ages.
  • Ongoing clinical training for our nurses to keep their knowledge and skills up to date and on the cutting edge of technology and practice.
  • Ongoing patient surveys to help us make any needed corrections to our service as quickly as possible.

We’re looking toward a bright future for Simi Valley Hospital as we make plans to rebuild and expand our patient care facilities to provide the most up-to-date, technologically advanced services in our area.

Our Capital Campaign will help us realize that monumental goal. And in that respect, we, too, have confidence: Confidence that our community will come forward to support us in our building project, knowing that, ultimately, it is the individuals and families of our community who will benefit most from the hospital’s new facilities.

We at Simi Valley Hospital extend our deepest gratitude to you, our community, for your support throughout the past 40 years. We look forward to serving you for another 40 years and beyond.

Gary Irish
President and CEO