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A Commitment to Quality: 2010 Social Responsibility Report

Executive Summary

From the day we opened our doors in August 1965, Simi Valley Hospital’s fundamental mission has been to provide exceptional service and quality care that meets the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our community. That mission, driven by our identity as a faith-based organization, guides every aspect of our practice and our decision-making.

Recently, we have stepped up our efforts to make Simi Valley Hospital the facility of choice for healthcare among the residents of the communities we serve. We have expressed our rededication to quality care and service in a variety of ways, such as:

  • The construction of a $75-million, 146,000-square-foot Patient Care Tower, which features all private patient rooms and the community’s first-ever Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • The addition of a 7,000-square-foot main entrance and lobby building that connects to the Patient Care Tower.
  • A planned $41 million project that will result in an expanded Emergency Department, our community’s first-ever cardiac catheterization lab and a range of other enhanced services.
  • Participation in a number of patient safety and clinical quality initiatives through our affiliation with Adventist Health.
  • A closer and deeper partnership with the physicians who admit patients at Simi Valley Hospital.
  • Increased efforts to reach out to our community to provide important education and screening services, as well as programs that encourage our staff to volunteer within the community.

While we have, in the past, come under criticism for not always keeping pace with the growth of Simi Valley, Moorpark and the other communities we serve, our recent efforts to improve our facilities and services have already gone far toward restoring our community’s confidence in Simi Valley Hospital as a quality health care resource.

According to a consumer perception study in mid-2010, local residents have noticed Simi Valley Hospital’s quality improvement efforts and are pleased with the results. The survey showed that, since the last study in 2006, perception of quality at the hospital has risen significantly in many of the categories that are measured.

Moving forward, we have a renewed commitment to transparency as an organization and to communicating with and quickly responding to the needs of our stakeholders, including our patients, physicians, workforce and community. Our first-ever social responsibility report is part of that commitment. In the report, we detail our key relationships and how we are working with others within the hospital and in our community to make Simi Valley Hospital the hospital of choice for our area. This executive summary provides an overview of our full social responsibility report, which will be available on January 31, 2011.

Key Facts

Simi Valley Hospital is affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is a member of Roseville, California-based Adventist Health, which operates 17 hospitals — as well as clinics, outpatient facilities, home care agencies and joint-venture retirement centers — throughout California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.

  • 188 licensed beds
  • 916 employees
    • 596 clinical employees
    • 320 non-clinical employees
  • 198 volunteers (adults and students)
  • 249 physicians