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A Commitment to Quality: 2011 Social Responsibility Report


Executive Summary: Providing a Quality Work Environment

Our 916 employees influence patients’ and visitors’ perceptions of quality at Simi Valley Hospital more than any other group. For that reason, we strive to attract and retain the best employees — men and women who are skilled in their areas of expertise and dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care to our patients and their loved ones.

We focus on providing a fair, safe and meaningful work environment for every employee. Among the issues we address are:

  • Fair compensation — Every employee has an opportunity to receive a yearly merit wage increase, and we perform a wage study in our market each year and adjust pay ranges accordingly.
  • Work concerns and compliance reporting — Our leadership and executive teams are committed to open communication with staff members, and we provide local and corporate channels for employees to report concerns regarding compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Growth and development — We offer ongoing classes for our clinical staff; an annual Competency Faire, where all employees and volunteers can complete mandatory education and testing requirements in one place; a tuition reimbursement program; and a professional certification bonus.
  • Performance recognition — We have three programs that formally recognize staff members who distinguish themselves in their work and interaction with patients, visitors, physicians and other employees.
  • Communication — We make an effort to communicate regularly and thoroughly through a variety of means, such as departmental staff meetings, a bi-weekly employee newsletter and an intranet website.

Each year, we conduct a survey of our entire staff to gauge their satisfaction and hear from them regarding suggestions for improvement. Over the past several years, we have been pleased to see a significant rise in scores throughout the various categories surveyed. The category “Simi Valley Hospital as an Excellent Place to Work” is particularly important to us, since it has the greatest impact on all of the other topics the survey covers and, as a result, gives us the best overall indication of employee satisfaction. As in other categories, scores in this category have been on an upward trend.