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Nursing Spotlight

Alicia, BSN, RN — Emergency Department

Alicia“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse and working in the Emergency Department at Simi Valley Hospital gives me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams of helping others. The team atmosphere makes it easy because everyone looks out for each other. Coworkers are more than coworkers, they’re your friends.”

Despite having the opportunity to work closer to home, Alicia, RN, has worked at Simi Valley Hospital for six years as an Emergency Department nurse. The people that work with Alicia say that she is “a steady and positive force.”

Marilyn, RN — Women’s Unit

Marilyn“I’m back at the hospital I started at 30 years ago and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I enjoy working in a community-focused hospital like Simi Valley Hospital where my efforts are truly appreciated. Everyone here has a great attitude, and we work really well together and have a lot of fun too…we’re like a big family.”

Marilyn, RN, has been a nurse for over thirty years and is presently working in the Women’s Unit the last two years. Marilyn’s 30 years of nursing experience is valued by her supervisor and is greatly respected by the physicians who frequently provide positive feedback about her abilities and willingness to assist their patients.

Theresa, LVN — Telemetry Unit

Theresa“My passion for nursing is geriatrics and working in the Telemetry Unit provides me an opportunity to care for those elderly patients that need our help the most. It’s wonderful to build a lasting relationship with your patients and their family members. Working at Simi Valley Hospital is great because my supervisor works around my school schedule…they are very flexible. I only have four classes left and I’ll be an RN!”

Theresa, LVN, has been at the hospital for two years and is steadfast in her commitment to helping fellow nurses and patients alike.

Melody, RN — Adventist Health Home Care Services

Melody“I like working locally where I can make a difference in the community I live and work. Simi Valley Hospital provides me an opportunity to get involved with the local YMCA and the American Cancer Society, two charities I feel passionate about. I also appreciate that there is an expectation that I play a role in making improvements within my department. My ideas really count!”

Melody, RN, has been a nurse at Simi Valley Hospital for more than ten years where her talents as a case manager have been fully utilized. Melody’s current position as the clinical supervisor at Adventist Health Home Care Services, the organization’s home health service, has allowed her an opportunity to grow and expand her clinical expertise.

Sharon, RN — Medical / Surgical Unit

Sharon“This is the first and only hospital I’ve worked at. I started my education here while working as a CNA fourteen years ago. I continue to enjoy the camaraderie of working with others nurses as well as our physicians. You can always count on somebody here…you’re never alone. I am also looking forward to the new patient care tower which will make a huge difference in elevating our patient care efforts.”

Sharon, RN, has had numerous opportunities to work at neighboring facilities but has always had a passion for nursing here at Simi Valley Hospital. She has been a Med/Surg nurse for all of those fourteen years and enjoys the triumphs and challenges of being a nurse.

Tawny, RN — Education Department

Tawny“I like working at Simi Valley Hospital because the mission-focused environment makes a difference in the level of care and service we provide to our patients. It’s refreshing to see that hospital staff really recognizes the important role they play in healing our patients. This hospital has a big heart.”

Tawny, RN, works in the organization’s education department as a clinical educator where she uses her skills to provide a safe and caring environment for her fellow nurses.

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