Simi Valley Hospital Foundation

Planned Giving Options

Small or large, all donations made to the Simi Valley Hospital Foundation further enhance the hospital’s mission and are, therefore, greatly appreciated. Whether you are looking to make an online donation today or are thinking long-term, there are a variety of giving options to choose from:

A bequest is a transfer of property from an estate to a named individual or organization. A donor who makes a bequest to charity qualifies for an estate tax deduction for the full value of the property transferred. The wording used in the bequest must be very specific in identifying the charitable organization that is to receive the gift. Charitable bequests may be unrestricted, or they may be designated for a specific purpose, if the purpose is within the scope of the charity’s mission.

With a charitable remainder trust, a donor relinquishes title to property, receiving an income-tax charitable deduction and the right to receive income of at least 5% per year. At the conclusion of the trust term, the property must be distributed to qualifying charities.

A gift annuity is a contractual agreement between a donor and a charity. The donor contributes funds or property in exchange for a commitment by the charity to pay the donor (or his or her designate) a stream of income for life. The donor receives a partial income-tax charitable deduction when the gift annuity is created. Income from a gift annuity is partially tax-free. Donations of appreciated property receive partial forgiveness of capital gains tax.

A gift of stock is a donation of stock or bond holdings to a charitable organization. A gift of stock that has appreciated in value creates a two-fold tax advantage for the donor: It provides an opportunity for tax savings while generously supporting the foundation. Donors who contribute stock do not pay capital gains taxes on the increase in the value of the stock, and the full market value of the stock as of the donation date can generally be deducted as a charitable contribution. (Certain limitations apply; please consult your professional tax advisor for tax and estate planning advice on charitable gifts.)

A will is a legally executed document that directs how and to whom a person’s property is to be distributed after death.

Ready to Give?

Make a gift now or, for more information about how you can help, call the Simi Valley Hospital Foundation at (805) 955-6670 or e-mail us.