Managing Pelvic Pain

Gynecologists often see patients with chronic pelvic pain. The pain may be associated with sitting through a movie or a meeting, intercourse, or urination. It may include lower abdominal pain or numbness or tingling in the vaginal region. You may have pelvic pain caused or worsened by low back pain.

Pelvic pain may be closely connected to problems in the muscles, joints, or nerves. Scars from surgery or childbirth may contribute to this painful condition. If you have been in pain for several weeks, you may be unconsciously holding parts of your body in a tense and rigid position to protect yourself from more pain. These tense positions may cause weak and painful muscles, strained joints and compressed nerves.

Physical Therapy May Help

A physical therapist can evaluate your problem and help you manage the debilitating effects of pelvic pain. A suggested program may include:

  • exercises designed specifically for you to stretch or relax tight muscles, and strengthen weak ones
  • manual therapy techniques for tight or tense muscles
  • improvement/restoration of joint movement
  • electrical stimulation, TENS, heat, cold, or ultrasound for pain relief

Other physical therapy suggestions that may help you in the future include:

  • designing a home exercise program to meet your needs
  • helping you to change poor habits such as holding muscles in a tense position
  • educating you in good work postures, rest positions, and relaxation techniques
  • helping you develop a program for life long fitness

If you think you may benefit from physical therapy to help you manage your pelvic pain, ask your physician to refer you to a physical therapist who is specialized in this treatment area. Health plans vary, so check your individual plan for coverage.

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Note: This is for information purposes only and not intended for use in place of the advice of a physician.