Looking Out for Your Health

It seems that any time we pick up a newspaper or magazine, surf the Internet or turn on the TV, we’re inundated with stories, studies and warnings about health issues. It can be overwhelming, yet the basics for good health remain the same.

Two key steps you can take to safeguard your health are preventing disease in the first place and getting screened for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so forth. Our cover story, A Guide to Women’s Health Screenings, is a plan of action women can take to actively manage their health. In this story, you’ll also meet Tami Hodge, an inspiring breast cancer survivor, and learn some exciting news about mammography at the Nancy Reagan Breast Center.

There’s more news, including information about Simi Valley Hospital’s new online pre-registration service. Wherever you have Internet access, you can now register for a number of procedures, saving you time when you arrive at the hospital. You’ll also learn about our involvement in a medical careers program for high school students and our celebration for local emergency services professionals.

We also turn our attention to Simi Valley Hospital’s Patient Care Tower. Construction is nearly complete, and you can read more about what we’ve planned for this fantastic addition to the hospital. You’ll also learn about an exciting art contest for young people that will help us celebrate the grand opening of the new tower.

Donna Wick, the executive director of the Simi Valley Hospital Foundation, has penned a beautiful article about two of our special donors, Jeff and Linda Jarvis, who have given the hospital the gift of magnificent works of art from their private collection.

My best wishes to you for good health, today and in the future.

Gary Irish
President and CEO
Simi Valley Hospital

Fall 2007