Customer Service at SVH Depends on CARE

C.A.R.E. Logo

The symbol for Simi Valley Hospital’s CARE customer service program is a heart—and big-hearted employees are exactly what you’ll find at patients’ bedsides, at the admitting desk and everywhere else throughout the hospital.

The CARE program—an acronym for Communication, Attitude, Respect and Excellence—uses the core concepts of each of those words to teach and reinforce principles of customer service. The ultimate goal of CARE is to develop customer service skills that will equip Simi Valley Hospital employees to provide friendly and compassionate care 100 percent of the time.

“The prospect of a hospital visit can stir up fear and anxiety in patients’ minds,” said Caroline Esparza, Simi Valley Hospital’s senior vice president and chief nurse executive. “As we increase our understanding of the emotional needs of our patients and guests, we can provide more compassionate and effective care.”

All current hospital employees, as well as new hires, participate in CARE training sessions and are encouraged to tailor the CARE concepts to provide personalized service in the area in which they work.

We Appreciate Feedback

Patients and guests are encouraged to comment on their experience at Simi Valley Hospital by filling out a CARE compliment card. CARE cards and boxes are located on each Simi Valley Hospital campus and in every department. Compliments are shared with the employees named on the card and are tabulated to select the employee of the month and year.

CARE Cards Go Digital

If you don’t have an opportunity to share your experience on a CARE card at Simi Valley Hospital, fill out an electronic “Share a CARE Compliment” card. Follow the instructions to leave your comment.

Winter 2007