Emergency Department Facelift Complete—Expansion to Follow

As part of a campus-wide effort to enhance the patient experience at Simi Valley Hospital, renovations in the Emergency Department have recently been completed. The lobby and treatment room improvements set the stage for a future expansion of this vital area of the hospital, which receives an average of 24,000 patients every year.

Lobby upgrades include new furniture, carpeting and ceramic floor tiles, as well as new countertops and soothing artwork. The treatment areas received new flooring, cabinetry, privacy curtains and technology upgrades.

“The improvements are a response to input from our staff and will help to support the great work they do every day,” said Gary Irish, Simi Valley Hospital president and CEO. “These renovations will help to make our patients and visitors more comfortable, enhance patient care and facilitate the transfer of patients to other areas of the hospital.”

More Phases to Follow

The second and third phases of the Emergency Department renovation will address the need for an expansion of the facility brought about by the tremendous population growth of our community.

The second phase will involve a new, dedicated fast track system to care for less-severe needs, such as sore throat, fever, sprains, ear infection, upper respiratory problems, and minor cuts and abrasions.

The final phase, which is now in the early planning stages, will address a physical expansion of the facility to bring the department’s capacity in line with community needs.

An Important Part of the City’s Safety Net

The Emergency Department at Simi Valley Hospital plays a vital role in supporting our community’s first responders, including police, fire, emergency rescue and ambulance professionals, by directing pre-hospital care for patients who are in transit to the hospital.

Simi Valley Hospital is often the critical final link in the chain from rescue to recovery, providing a local destination for emergency and law enforcement professionals to bring residents in need of immediate medical attention. And we are there to provide lifesaving care for the professionals themselves when they fall victim to the situations to which they respond.

“The local hospital plays such an important role within any community, and Simi Valley Hospital is no different,” said Marc Mendes, MD, medical director of Simi Valley Hospital’s Emergency Department. “We’re proud to be there for our community 24/7 and to play a central role within the safety net of lifesaving services.”

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Winter 2007