Our Caregivers’ Perspectives on the Tower: Gains for Patients, Community & Staff

Simi Valley Hospital is on the verge of launching A New Vision of Health Care for Our Community with the $75-million Patient Care Tower building addition. Our physicians and staff eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve patients and visitors in the new four-story, state-of-the-art facility that will revolutionize health care services for the residents of Simi Valley, Moorpark and the surrounding communities.

Here’s what our Simi Valley Hospital family are saying about the Patient Care Tower:

Katherine Kim, MD, OB/GYN

“The Patient Care Tower means privacy, comfort and advanced technology for our patients. The labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms are very spacious. As a physician and a mom, I really appreciate the new Women’s Unit—and so will our community.”

Jude Ord, RN, Women’s and Children’s Services

“The new Patient Care Tower means so much to us as caregivers. The private rooms will help all of the nurses deliver care in a more personalized way. New moms will especially appreciate the fact that they can now deliver and then rest in the same room—no transferring to another room after the delivery.”

Jeff Ehlenberger, MPT, Rehabilitation

“I’m very excited about having a spacious rehabilitation gym in the same area as the Med/Surg Unit. That means a positive therapeutic experience for my patients who need physical therapy.”

Lori Cruze, RN, Telemetry Charge Nurse

“The new tower means the world to our staff. I’ve had the opportunity to tour it, and what a difference the private-care rooms will make in the patient experience! The patient care rooms we currently use are semi-private; with the private-care rooms in the tower, staff will no longer have to transport patients from one room to another when they need to be isolated.”

Bella Park, RN, Intensive Care Unit

“Simi Valley Hospital is already a very special place for the spirituality of the patient, but the new tower will create even bigger smiles among our staff and the patients in the Intensive Care Unit.”

Vipin Tandon, MD, Simi Valley Hospital Chief of Staff

“The members of the medical staff are very excited about the Patient Care Tower because we know just how much better the new facility will be in supporting our nurses and caregivers, who are so compassionate and loving. The expansion of the Intensive Care Unit is especially well thought-out and equipped with only the best technology. This is a $75 million investment in the community that shouldn’t go unnoticed.”

Rabina Chat, RN, BSN, Med/Surg Charge Nurse

“We are growing from a small community hospital with a small Med/Surg Unit to a hospital that is even better. I remember when computers were first installed here, and now with the tower—wow—it’s going to be fantastic!”

Guadalupe Bramwell, RN, Med/Surg Unit

“Not only are the private-care rooms private, but they are very spacious. I will have more room to move around the patient to provide care. The natural colors of the room, the art on the walls, the flat-screen televisions and the patient care technology are exciting. I am imagining the future of nursing, and it’s just a breath away.”

Chara Chess, RN, MSN, Med/Surg Unit

“I’ve been with Simi Valley Hospital 18 years, so I know just how important the new Patient Care Tower is to our community. I’m thinking about families and our student nurses from Moorpark College, who will appreciate the new building so much. I am so excited for our community—they really deserve this wonderful gift!”

Ardis Jay, Volunteer

“The new tower is beautiful and marks our entrance into the wonderful world of the latest technology that helps so many people. I know all the volunteers are anticipating the opening of the tower and feel a sense of pride about being a part of it. We love everything about it and feel our efforts have made a contribution to its completion. We all work very hard to bring as many gifts as we can to the hospital, whether it be talent, work or money.”

Spring 2008