Turning Over a New Leaf—Our Pledge Continues

Earlier this year, Simi Valley Hospital announced our pledge to completely transform local health care services for our community by concentrating on four areas of emphasis. As we continue to grow and build our services and train our staff for the future, we remain dedicated to these four principles.

Quality Care & Customer Services

We pledge to provide the highest possible level of care and customer service to make your Simi Valley Hospital experience the very best it can be. We truly understand what it takes to earn your trust but also to keep it.

Clinical Services Expansion

Simi Valley and Moorpark have seen tremendous growth in recent years. We will continue to expand and develop new services to help ensure a strong, vibrant and healthy tomorrow for each member of our community.

Creating a Health Care System

We’ve started with the $75 million Patient Care Tower hospital addition, and we will continue to expand our facilities to increase our community’s access to hospital services and physicians throughout Simi Valley and Moorpark.

Community Involvement

We will be an active and committed member of our community by creating relationships for the long term. We will extend our educational and disease prevention activities beyond the walls of our hospital to make health care more accessible.

Spring 2008