SVH: Health Quiz

How much do you know about good health? You might be surprised at what you do — or don’t — know! To get an idea, fill out the quiz below, then submit it for your instant score.


How many servings of fruits should you eat per day?

1-2    2-4    3-5

How many servings of vegetables should you eat per day?

1-2    2-4    3-5

What is the number one nutritional danger for most Americans?

High cholesterol    Too much fat    Not enough fiber

What percentage of your diet should be fat?

Under 15 percent    30 percent or less    40 percent or less

What percentage of a Big Mac is fat?

35 percent    45 percent    55 percent

What percentage of fat from calories is actually in 2% fat milk?

2 %    7 %    19 %    35 %

Which fats are better for you?

Unsaturated    Saturated

Which carbohydrates are generally better for you?

Complex carbohydrates    Simple carbohydrates

How much of your body is made up of water?

30 %    42 %    50 %    75 %

On average, how many glasses of water should you drink per day?

4    6    8    10

What is the most frequent cause of death in the U.S.?

Cancer    Heart Disease    Stroke    Accidents

What does U.S. RDA stand for?

United States Regional Dietary Association
United States Recommended Daily Allowance
United States Recommended Dietary Amounts

What blood cholesterol level is considered healthy?

275    200    240    115

Which type of cholesterol is actually considered “good”?

Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL)
High Density Lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL)

At least what percentage of your blood cholesterol should be “good cholesterol”?

15    20    25    45

Which vitamin’s requirements double during pregnancy?

Vitamin C    Thiamin    Folic acid    Vitamin A

What is considered normal healthy blood pressure?

165 over 95    120 over 180    180 over 110

What’s the least number of times per week you should exercise?

1    2    3    5

How many minutes of continuous exercise are recommended for the average person?

10    15    30    90

Which of the following is considered a cardiovascular exercise?

bowling    golfing    swimming    weightlifting