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Simi Valley Hospital Announces New Partnership with American Heart Association

Hospital To Sponsor START!, A Multi-Year Campaign To Promote Physical Activity and Heart-Healthy Lives; “Heart Walk 2007” To Take Place In Simi Valley

The Ventura County Division of the American Heart Association today announced that Simi Valley Hospital will sponsor the American Heart Association’s new START! program in Ventura County.

START! is the AHA’s national movement that encourages all employers and their employees to take up walking and other healthy habits as part of their daily routine to live longer, stronger lives. It is a motivational and personalized physical activity and wellness plan that works for everyone. Its focus is simple: Walk more. Eat well. Live longer.

Simi Valley Hospital Chief Executive Officer Gary Irish said, “We take our responsibility to the community very seriously, and our participation in this important program was not only something we felt we should do, it was something we wanted to do. We’re in the health care business and quality care begins with a healthy lifestyle centered around diet and exercise. ”

AHA Ventura County Executive Director Joan Anderson commented, “We are thrilled to join with Simi Valley Hospital on this groundbreaking new campaign. Together, we are going to get Ventura County walking towards longer, healthier lives.”

In a 2005 survey, sixty percent of corporate CEOs cited healthcare as their top cost pressure. By promoting a culture of physical activity, corporate America can decrease healthcare costs, increase productivity, and improve quality of life and longevity among the U.S. workforce. Studies have shown that adults can gain two hours of life expectancy for each hour of regular exercise, and walking for as little as 30 minutes a day provides heart health benefits.

In recognition of Simi Valley Hospital’s generous commitment, “Heart Walk 2007,” the AHA’s signature annual fundraising event will be moved to Simi Valley, CA this September.

Posted 1/16/07