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National Breast Cancer Foundation Donates Digital Technology to Nancy Reagan Breast Center

The Nancy Regan Breast Center of Simi Valley Hospital is pleased to recognize the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF) recent gift of Fuji digital mammography technology in celebration of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“This new technology donated by the National Breast Cancer Foundation is anticipated to be up-and-running by mid-November,” said Jeremy Brewer, hospital spokesperson for Simi Valley Hospital. “We are truly grateful for the donation from Fuji that translates to about $300,000 worth of life-saving technology. This generous gift from the National Breast Cancer Foundation will help further the mission of the Nancy Reagan Breast Center to save women’s lives and safe guard women from breast cancer.”

Technology donated from NBCF included a digital mammography reader for $250,000 and a laser printer at $50,000 that will soon be fully integrated into a $1.7 million tandem system called computerized radiology (CR) and picture archive computer system (PACS).

“Those components will fully digitize the process for X-rays, mammograms and other imaging technologies that, up to this time, have remained in the conventional film format,” said Brewer. “Digital systems are the standard of care these days, so this is vital news for the women who live in our community. This technology can make an enormous difference in patient care for years to come.”

A recent study has demonstrated that digital mammograms are 15 percent more accurate among women under age 50 or not yet in menopause, and 11 percent more accurate among women with dense breasts.

“From the patient’s perspective, the procedure for a digital mammogram is the same as for a conventional film mammogram; however, since the images are available almost immediately and no film development time is necessary, the wait time for the patient is less,” said Brewer.

Posted 10/30/07