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Student Essay Contest Winner: Grades 3-5

Students in grades 3 to 5 were asked to write an essay of 100 words or more and/or submit a drawing that answered the question “If Simi Valley Hospital had a mascot, what would it be?”

Following is the winning essay. (All essays have been edited slightly to facilitate readability.)

If Simi Valley Hospital Had a Mascot

If Simi Valley Hospital had a mascot, I think it would be a bright yellow elephant named Elliot. Elliot would wear a red T-shirt with Simi Valley Hospital on the front. On the back, it would say “you’re a star” in bold letters. Elliot would say to kids, “I’m here for you to talk to and have fun with.”

I think Elliot should be the hospital’s mascot because when kids need to go to the hospital they would see Elliot smiling and it would light up their faces. Also they would know someone cares by looking at him. If Elliot were to be a stuffed animal, kids could sleep with him and know they have a friend right beside them.

Once I cut my ankle and had to go to the hospital. When I found out I was getting stitches, they gave me a bear. Right away I felt comforted and knew everything was going to be okay. This would be the same idea as Elliott. He would comfort kids when they need him most. Every time they see him, there will be joy in their face. He would turn their frown upside down. Elliot would be a great mascot.

Ashley E. Cooke
Hollow Hills Fundamental Elementary School
Age 11; Grade 5