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Student Essay Contest Winner: Grades 3-5

Students in grades 3 to 5 were asked to write an essay of 100 words or more and/or submit a drawing that answered the question “If the patient care tower had a mascot, what would it be?”

Following is the winning essay. (All essays have been edited slightly to facilitate readability.)

Starry would be the new mascot. Starry is from the planet Hospital Helpers. He loves helping kids. He wears his heart hat because on this planet it is a sign of how much he cares. He has bright and pretty colors, and that is why his planet picked him for this mission.

On Starry’s home planet they do a lot of things for hospitals. They raise money for hospitals by selling things like candy, nuts, cookies and other things. They also provide things for the hospitals like Band-Aids® and other things. Starry is part of the program for helping kids by being a mascot. He loves helping them, and all of his qualities are great for his job.

Starry has many special qualities. He has a heart on him that says “get well soon” because he really wants all the kids to get well soon. His heart hat says “hospital” on it with the “i” dotted with a heart. He has Band-Aid® legs because the hospitals use Band-Aids® a lot. He is also giving a thumbs up to show kids that they are doing great. He also has fun shapes and stripes.

Starry has a star head. He has a star head because he thinks that you can be a star even when you’re sick. That is also his slogan. His head has the colors yellow and blue because they are bright and fun colors.

Starry has many hearts on him. He has a heart hat. His hat also has an “i” that is dotted with a heart. He has a heart on his shirt that tells kids to get well soon. He also has hearts for feet.

Starry has bright colors. All of his colors are boy friendly and girl friendly. They are bright to keep the children cheerful. His colors also match and make him stand out.

Starry would make a great mascot, and all of his qualities are great. He has bright colors. He has hearts. He has a star head. The most important reason is that he loves the hospital.

Haley White
Atherwood Elementary
Age 10; Grade 5