SVH: Community Benefits Report

Economic Value of Community Benefits
Provided by Simi Valley Hospital

F I S C A L  Y E A R  1 9 9 9

Medical Care Services
Shortfall in Medi-Cal program $3,033,778
Shortfall in Medicare program $2,049,269
Other Benefits for Vulnerable Populations
Traditional charity care $452,418
Non-Billed Services

  • Community service activities
  • Community health fairs, screenings
Other Benefits for the Broader Community $860,695
Ask-A-Nurse (telephone information and referral service)
Community education classes and support groups
Great Beginnings Baby Club
Your Health newsletter
Paramedic base station, heliport, and Lifeline personal emergency system
Low/negative margin services
Health Research, Education and Training Programs
Education and training programs for physicians, staff and volunteers $326,038

TOTAL $7,682,970