SVH: Community Involvement

We’re proud to be a part of Simi Valley and Moorpark — growing communities known for their safety and small-town atmospheres.

Life flows at a different pace here, and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

It’s a commitment we’ve had ever since Simi Valley Hospital & Health Care Services first opened its doors with just 50 beds in 1965. In the years since, as Simi Valley and Moorpark have grown from small towns into thriving cities, we’ve grown right along with them. Now, we have 223 beds, facilities throughout the community and strong ties to a network of five hospitals throughout Southern California.

Yet despite all this growth, our Christian mission to serve the community and to keep residents healthy has never changed. We carry out a daily mission to keep you and the community healthy.

But we’re not just here to serve the community. We’re part of the community. Our employees live here and work here — making us Simi Valley’s and Moorpark’s second largest employer. Our board members run local businesses, pastor local churches, care for local patients and serve in city leadership.

So it’s no wonder we’re interested in total community health.

That means we’re working very closely with the community at many different levels, both in ways you might expect — promoting exercise and proper nutrition, providing regular screenings and checkups — and in ways you might not, such as helping community members reduce stress, cut down on job injury rates, build self-esteem and much more.

The truth is, because we’re a non-profit, Christian hospital, our decisions and services are based on community health needs — not on profiting investors.

What does this mean for you? It’s simple: You can count on us to continue our daily commitment to keeping this community the safe, nurturing, enriching and healthy environment that brought you and your family here in the first place.