"Thanks for Your Warm Hospitality, Organization and Dedicated Employees"

The circumstances that bring people to the hospital often are not good. But at Simi Valley Hospital, we strive to make each contact we have with our patients and their friends and family as pleasant as possible under the circumstances. We know that people who are ill, injured and anxious need the caring touch of a trustworthy professional as much as they need the advanced medical equipment that we offer.

The following letter was sent to Margaret R. Peterson, PhD, president and CEO of Simi Valley Hospital.

Dear Dr. Peterson,

On June 28, 2001, I had the unfortunate pleasure of being admitted to Simi Valley Hospital for what turned out to be appendicitis. My husband and I would like to personally thank certain members of your hospital staff for making my stay comfortable, for mitigating our worries and concerns, and for helping our family and friends through a difficult time.

In the emergency room, I would like to thank the following people:

  • Dr. Chandler, for her gentle manner and comforting explanations of bad news.
  • Nurses Laura and Anne, for their quick attention to my needs.
  • Bryan (ultrasound technician), for his professional mannerisms and relaxing humor to ease my apprehensions with the awkward testing.

With regards to my surgical procedure, my gratitude goes to:

  • Leslie, for her ability, calming words and “soft touch.”
  • Dr. Kim, for his thorough explanations to my husband with regards to the anesthesia procedures.
  • Jeff (recovery room technician) for his amazing patience and encouragement during my “wake up” from surgery.

We would also like to extend an overall thanks to your hospital staff/nurses for the warmth, humor, and ability to console — to Vehelia and Gail (Thursday), Felimar and Angie (Friday afternoon), Diana (Friday evening) and Cindy (Saturday). Lastly, we would like to commend Dr. Drucker for his expertise, quick wit and willingness to alleviate any procedural concerns.

We would definitely recommend Simi Valley Hospital for its warm hospitality, organization and dedicated employees. My husband and I simply want to thank the aforementioned staff members once again for easing our pain during such a negative experience, and thank you, Dr. Peterson, for allowing us the opportunity to do so.

Very truly yours,
Kristie Spilios (with her husband, Scott Regier)