SVH: Outpatient Surgery Department Tops in Customer Service

SVH’s Outpatient Surgery Department Named as Top Performer in Customer Service

Simi Valley Hospital’s Aspen Outpatient Surgery Department has been singled out by Professional Research Consultants (PRC), the hospital’s patient satisfaction consultants, as one of the company’s top performers in patient satisfaction for 2002.

Annually, PRC recognizes the organization that receives the top score in each of the questions the company asks patients during a brief, post-discharge telephone survey. Aspen Outpatient Surgery was the top performer in the question related to the discharge process, edging out 52 other outpatient surgery facilities around the country who also asked that question on their surveys.

“As you know, we conduct patient satisfaction research for some of the most prestigious hospitals and health systems in the nation,” said PRC’s Jona Cox in a congratulatory note, “and — as your high patient satisfaction scores attest — Simi Valley Hospital’s Aspen OPS is most certainly at par with the best.”

Sam Martinez, manager of Aspen Outpatient Surgery, said that the staff’s attitude toward customer service is responsible for this outstanding achievement.

“Their first concern is making sure that their patients are taken care of,” he said. “The staff makes each patient feel like they are the only one that matters while they’re here.”

Martinez said that he lives by the principle that if he takes care of the care team, the team will take care of the customers.

“The staff isn’t distracted by issues that could deter patient care,” he said. “They only have to be concerned about taking care of the patient.”

That combination results in outstanding patient care that obviously makes an impact on patients, a fact exemplified by the PRC award.

“Our nurses are very proud of this award,” Martinez said. “They have raised the bar for the quality of patient care at Simi Valley Hospital.”

Posted 5/9/03