SVH: In the News — New CT Scanner

New Scanner to Debut at SVH

Advances in technology are producing amazing machines that can probe the human body without cutting, and Simi Valley Hospital will soon have one of the best of these miraculous devices.

Drs. Inouye and Cordes review images from the CT scanner.

Coming this fall, the hospital’s new CT scanner — the LightSpeed CT scanner from GE Medical Systems — will not only provide astoundingly clear and accurate images, but will offer other profoundly positive advantages for patients.

With the new scanner, the vast majority of imaging can be completed in 30 seconds or less. “This is a tremendous improvement over more conventional machines,” said Monica Berlin, Simi Valley Hospital Director of Diagnostic Imaging. “For instance, a six-second scan to detect kidney stones with the new unit would take two hours with less advanced equipment.”

The speed of the new machine also means that patients spend less time inside the CT unit, and most procedures that require patients to hold their breath can now be completed in a single breath hold.
In addition to making the imaging process much quicker and more comfortable for patients, these speedy scans mean that patients will be exposed to lower doses of radiation.

Another outstanding feature of the new unit is 3-D navigation, which will allow physicians to “fly through” organs and tissue and “see” them in three dimensions.

The new CT scanner will perform a wide range of procedures, including:

  • Imaging of the heart between beats
  • Detection of early warning signs of heart disease
  • Location of blockages in the heart arteries
  • Rapid assessment of stroke victims
  • Examination of tumors in the brain and body
  • Planning for cancer radiation treatments
  • Analysis of bone density in the spine.

“It is our part of our mission to provide excellent health care services to the residents of Simi Valley and Moorpark,” said Berlin. “This new CT scanner is just another method to meet that end result.”

Posted 10/16/02