SVH: In the News — Breast Cancer Early Detection


Women over 50 years old who cannot otherwise afford a mammogram or clinical breast examination may qualify for free services (at a monthly clinic) through the Breast Cancer Early Detection Program (BCEDP) at Simi Valley Hospital & Health Care Services, Aspen Outpatient Center.

The state-funded program is for women who either have low (little) income or no medical insurance coverage. Women who qualify for the program will have a clinical breast examination by a certified nurse practitioner. Screening mammograms will also be done. If a lump is found, further testing (such as a biopsy) will be scheduled for the patient.

Prospective participants must first complete an application. Proof of income or citizenship is not necessary. All information will be kept confidential.

The program is a joint effort between Cancer Services, the Nancy Reagan Breast Center at Simi Valley Hospital & Health Care Services and the American Cancer Society.

To make an appointment for a breast exam, please call (805) 529-5579. For further information about the program, please call Cancer Services at Simi Valley Hospital & Health Care Services at (805) 955-8119.

Posted 3-22-01