SVH: In the News — Disaster Relief


The Medical Executive Committee at Simi Valley Hospital is doing its part to lend a helping hand to assist those effected by the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. by donating $5,000 to the American Red Cross.

“The medical staff at Simi Valley Hospital feels strongly about doing its part in the effort to assist those with the rescue efforts currently underway.” said Muni Reddy, MD, Chief of Staff, Simi Valley Hospital. “All of the physicians here at Simi Valley Hospital feel a strong connection with those working to save lives — I’m so glad we could do something to help out.”

The decision to act was made last night at the Medical Executive Committee, a meeting comprised of Simi Valley Hospital physicians. The decision to act and donate vital funding was unanimous, said Reddy.

“The medical community and the American Red Cross have had a long history of working together to save lives in communities throughout our country,” said Jason Smith, Executive Director, American Red Cross of Ventura County. “This extraordinary generosity will go a long way in helping those whose lives were turned upside down by the tragedy of September 11.”

Random acts of kindness don’t stop with the physicians at Simi Valley Hospital. Hospital chaplain Dave Peckham also acted quickly to help those effected by the tragic set of circumstances occurring on September 11, 2001. He raised $1,200 for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, a nonprofit Seventh-day Adventist organization. Monies donated to this fund go toward water, food and counseling services to those caught up in the tragic circumstances.

“The generous acts made by our hospital physicians and staff personify the giving spirit of this organization,” said Margaret Peterson, President and CEO, Simi Valley Hospital.


Posted 9-27-01