SVH: Child Development Center

Child development is the magnificent process of physical growth and learning.

During critical periods in the early years, the child is particularly sensitive and teachable in given areas. Early language, sensory and motor experiences can have lasting influences throughout the life span.

Since 1979, the Child Development Center (CDC) has ensured that children with identified needs are treated by therapists and interventionists who understand these needs. Each child is unique; everyone develops at his or her own rate and time. Many therapies, programs, and services are available at the CDC to challenge children to achieve their potential in numerous ways.

Location of Services

These services are available at the CDC, in the children’s home and at various locations within the community.

At the Center

  • Allows children to learn together and interact with others
  • Children attend with a parent or care provider
  • Children are grouped with others of a similar age
  • Parents or caregivers learn exercises and activities they can implement at home

In the Home

  • A specialist brings toys and portable equipment into the home
  • Parents are taught exercises and activities to practice in the home
  • The intervention reflects the unique needs of the child and family

Within the Community

  • Aquatic Therapy at the YMCA
  • At preschools and child care centers
  • Field trips to local parks and community sites
  • A collaborative effort with the Moorpark College parent/toddler class
  • The CDC Playspace