SVH: Home Care Services

West HealthCare Home Care Services provides comprehensive services with a team of professionals representing a full range of specialties and support skills.

Skilled Nursing Services

Our Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, Psychiatric Nurses, Enterstomal Therapists or Diabetic Nurse Clinicians coordinate these services:

  • Evaluation of the patient’s care plan
  • Pain management
  • Wound and ostomy care
  • Disease management
  • Instruction of proper use of medication
  • Venipuncture and administration of medications via injection
  • Respiratory care, trache care, inhalation treatment or use of oxygen
  • Nutritional instruction and management
  • Diabetic instruction and management
  • Bowel and bladder training

Physical Therapy Services

Our Physical Therapists at West HealthCare manage these services:

  • Patient’s care plan
  • Patient’s safety at home
  • Prosthetic device requirements
  • Development of an individualized exercise program
  • Instruction in ambulation and range of motion
  • Initiation of ultrasound, CPM, T.E.N.S. unit, ice/hot packs, heat and massage and other therapeutic devices
  • Instruction in transfer techniques
  • Proper use of walking aids, prosthetics and other assistive devices
  • Instruction in performing daily activities and grooming

Occupational Therapy Services

Our Registered Therapists evaluate:

  • Difficulties with coordination, balance, walking or muscle dysfunction
  • Patient’s safety in home environment
  • Perpetual-motor abilities
  • Sensory impairment

They also provide information in:

  • Muscle re-education exercises and range of motion
  • Body mechanics, balance and coordination, energy conservation, perceptual motor training
  • Use of splints to prevent deformities
  • Activities of daily living such as grooming, dressing, cooking, bathing and toileting

Speech, Language and Hearing Services

Our licensed Speech Therapists assess a patient’s ability to communicate and provide instruction in:

  • Verbal expression and written treatment
  • Expression through graphics or gestures
  • Auditory comprehension and speech articulation
  • Reading and visual exercises
  • Techniques of swallowing

Nutritional Services

Our Registered Dieticians manage:

  • Assessment of patient’s nutritional needs
  • Instruction on patient’s diets
  • Evaluation of drug and food interaction
  • Recommendations for maximizing nutritional therapy
  • Instruction on modified diets

Medical Social Work Services

Our Certified Medical Social Workers coordinate such services as:

  • Assessment of patient’s psychosocial needs
  • Counseling of family and patient related to the treatment
  • Assessment of patient’s financial resources
  • Guidance in use of appropriate community resources

Home Health Aide Services

Our Certified Home Health Aides can provide:

  • Assistance with bathing and grooming
  • Assistance with daily living