SVH: Back to Work –Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

The WorkPlace is teamed with the rehab staff at Back To Work to provide all physical, occupational and speech therapy. This highly successful return-to-work program has locations in both Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks, allowing Ventura County employees accessibility to therapy services. Extended clinic hours have the employer in mind by encouraging �after work� scheduling. Realizing early intervention drastically reduces total therapy cost, your employee is guaranteed treatment within 24 hours of physician referral.

Our Staff

A work-related injury is traumatic to all concerned. Back To Work�s highly trained industrial therapy staff is well prepared to facilitate early, safe return-to-work. Registered Physical Therapists will evaluate the patient�s functional capacity, comparing this to the physical demand level of the job. Licensed Occupational Therapists are prepared to assess and treat cumulative trauma, and our certified Speech Language Pathologists are well-equipped to assess industrial problems as needed. Bilingual and bicultural therapists are available in both clinics to treat our Hispanic population.

Communication between therapists, employees and employers is significant in decreasing loss time per accident. Patient conferences held twice daily keep all professionals involved in the patient�s treatment informed. Patient compliance and motivation is monitored, keeping the employer informed and in control.


Preventing injury is the first step in addressing work-related accidents. Back To Work is equipped with Industry specific Back Schools and Neck/Arm Schools. Back To Work�s Back School has been used by some of Southern California�s largest employers, significantly reducing the incidence of work-related back injuries. The Neck/Arm School educates your staff in prevention of cumulative trauma.


Treating the injured employee the same day as the injury occurs is important at Back To Work. Our therapeutic pools allow the employee to initially be an active participant in the industrial rehab process. Progressing to land, the patient will participate as indicated in nautilus-type exercises, job specific work hardening, and / or computerized Med-X neck and back rehab.

Prior to return to work, a NIOSH-approved Functional Capacity Evaluation practically eliminates any re-injury after the first 25 days the employee returns to his/her job. We get the worker back to work to stay.

Let Back To Work get you �back to work — our staff is truly the best in the business and the least expensive. Industry standard protocols for water therapy were written at Back To Work. The director of the program consults with major league baseball, the NBA and NFL in the treatment of their athletes. Why not let Back To Work get your �industrial athletes� back to work and back on the team at your place of work?