Incontinence Treatment Program

Actress June Allison brought the previously taboo subject of adult incontinence into our living rooms with advertisements for Depends� undergarments. But the issue is important not just for older women, but for younger women and men, as well.

That is a message that the Rehabilitation Services Department at Simi Valley Hospital wants to get out to our community: Incontinence is a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people, and it is almost always treatable.

Restoring Confidence

The goal of Simi Valley Hospital’s incontinence program is to help patients avoid having to wear undergarment pads. The program’s therapists work with patients to bring them to a point where they are free to be active again and not always worrying that they’re going to lose control.

Some women think that, for instance, a few little leaks during exercise is normal, but it’s not. The Incontinence Treatment Program gives confidence to our patients that they can regain control of their bladders.

Getting Back Into Control

The program starts with an EMG stress test of the patient’s pelvic floor to determine how well he or she can use the muscles in that area of the body. After that initial testing phase, treatment may include exercises to strengthen the muscles, electrical stimulation and biofeedback.

In addition, the patient receives help with bladder training and diet advice regarding foods and drinks that are natural bladder irritants and can, therefore, contribute to incontinence. The program is totally non-invasive, which is a relief to patients who fear surgery. However, some severe cases of incontinence do require surgery.

In addition to incontinence problems, the program also addresses pelvic pain, which is often the result of muscle spasms in the pelvic region. Treatment includes

  • myofacial relief (relaxing the muscles through manual stimulation, similar to the way that massage relaxes tired muscles)
  • TENS (transcutaneous nerve stimulation)
  • and biofeedback.

Getting Started in the Program

Patients must be referred into the program by a physician who has performed a physical examination to rule out bladder infections, which can be aggravated or spread by the various techniques utilized by the program.

Talk with your personal physician to find out if the Incontinence Treatment Program at Simi Valley Hospital is right for you.