Subacute Care A Solution for Long-term Care Needs

Subacute Care is a bridge between the hospital’s acute care nursing units and home for patients who require ongoing medical care and/or who are still dependent on advanced medical technology. Patients have the advantage of constant access to nursing care as they move toward recovery and return to their home.

Our Subacute Care Philosophy

We strongly believe in providing goal-oriented care and services tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Whether it’s a patient who requires ongoing medical care or one who is dependent on advanced medical technology, we treat each patient as a distinct individual with a distinct set of clinical and comfort needs.

Subacute Services Offered

Simi Valley Hospital provides special attention to patients requiring:

  • An activity program
  • Advanced intravenous therapy
  • Enteral nutrition (feeding tube)
  • Gurney or wheelchair mobility
  • Head or spinal cord injury care
  • Pain management
  • Patient and family education
  • Physical, occupational and/or speech therapy
  • Respiratory care
  • Social services and/or case management
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Ventilator care
  • Wound management.

Making Arrangements for Care

After we learn that a patient is seeking subacute care at Simi Valley Hospital, a case manager visits with the patient and his or her family members in the patient’s current living situation. Then, we carefully review each patient’s specific needs on an individual basis to determine if our own Subacute Care Unit services and staff are appropriate.

At all stages—before, during and after care—we encourage feedback from our patients, their family members and physicians. We view each patient as unique, and the more we learn from him or her, the better we can develop a treatment path appropriate to healing.

For More Information

It is our pleasure to arrange a visit to our Subacute Care Unit and to discuss your particular needs. To make an appointment for a visit or for more information on the Simi Valley Hospital Subacute Care Unit, please call (805) 955-6842.