SVH: Women’s Services

We’re proud of the many ways we’re committed to meeting the special, ongoing needs of women.

Perhaps no moment in life is more trying or joyous than birth — and we make every attempt to make this moment as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Nearly 1,000 mothers every year deliver in our beautifully furnished birthing suites. These suites allow Mom and Dad to enjoy the feeling of a single, cozy, home-like bedroom throughout the labor, delivery and recovery process.

Our Nancy Reagan Breast Center provides a sensitive, compassionate environment in which women can feel comfortable while undergoing a mammogram.

Named after the former first lady, herself a breast cancer survivor, the NRBC offers low-cost mammograms, stereotactic biopsies, and the latest non-surgical technology for determining if lumps are cancerous.

This procedure takes less than 30 minutes with a local anesthetic and a tiny probe — and provides quick results. Always committed to the best in healthcare, Simi Valley Hospital was among the nation’s first locations to offer this revolutionary procedure.