Maternity Services

Perhaps no time in life is more emotionally charged than pregnancy and childbirth-challenging, joyous, frightening, exciting. The physicians and staff at Simi Valley Hospital are glad to be there to make this important stage in life as comfortable and pleasant as possible for our new moms and their loved ones.

Here are some of the outstanding features of Maternity Services at Simi Valley Hospital:

Physicians and Staff You Can Count On

Our physicians combine medical excellence with compassion and sensitivity. Choose a board-certified male or female physician and/or obstetrician from our experienced medical staff. The doctor you choose will care for you throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Click here for more information on choosing a doctor.

Our skilled nurses, many of whom live right here in our community, are trained to deliver professional, yet deeply caring, support during labor, delivery and recovery. They also work with new moms to teach important baby care skills.

Single-Room Birthing

The safety and comfort of our moms-to-be are our primary concern. That’s why our labor/delivery/recovery (LDR) suites are designed to allow new moms to remain in the same room from the time they are admitted to the hospital to the time they go home.

Nearly 1,000 mothers every year deliver in our beautifully furnished private birthing suites. These suites feature technically advanced birthing beds in a room with the feel of a cozy, home-like bedroom. Of course, each suite also contains all the equipment we need to ensure the safest and most comfortable labor and delivery experience possible.


We’re with you every step of the way during your baby’s development. We offer a variety of classes and seminars to prepare you and your loved ones for childbirth and the care of your infant. Classes include:

  • Maternity Tea and Tour
  • Prepared Childbirth
  • Baby Care Basics
  • Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Support Group
  • Sibling Relations
  • Infant/Child CPR


Great Beginnings Baby Club

The Great Beginnings Baby Club, sponsored by group of local businesses, provides celebration gifts for the whole family. The treats begin with a complimentary dinner for the new mom and her family, followed by a generous assortment of free gifts and discounts.

To join Great Beginnings, register at the Volunteer Desk during the pre-admission process, at any childbirth-related class, at the Maternity Tea and Tour or upon admission to the hospital.