Cardiac Services

Cardiac Services

Coming to Simi Valley Hospital, spring 2013: Ventura County’s first hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

Heart disease is the number-one killer of men and women in the United States. Simi Valley Hospital’s heart treatment program reflects our commitment to prevent and treat heart disease with state-of-the-art care right at home for the residents of Simi Valley, Moorpark and the surrounding communities.

Our heart program links a variety of points of service throughout the hospital to provide rapid and effective care for patients with heart disease. In addition, we are continually expanding our community-wide education and other resources to help local residents live a more heart-healthy lifestyle.

Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory

The cornerstone of Simi Valley Hospital’s heart treatment program is the community’s first-ever Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. Although this technology enables cardiologists to perform a wide variety of procedures, one of the most important is the ability to stop heart attacks that are caused by a blockage in an artery of the heart.

Emergency Department physicians have the option to admit heart attack patients directly to the Cardiac Cath Lab for an immediate procedure to remove the blockage. This capability eliminates the need to transfer certain heart attack patients to another facility for care.

It is particularly important to treat heart attack patients as rapidly as possible because “time is muscle”—meaning that the sooner the blockage is removed, the more heart muscle is preserved. Patients who are able to go directly to a Cardiac Cath Lab typically have less overall damage to their heart and other vital organs, and they tend to recover more quickly. Learn more about cardiac catheterization.

A Ventura County First

Simi Valley Hospital’s Cardiac Cath Lab is the first-ever hybrid facility in Ventura County. Although it typically functions as a regular Cardiac Cath Lab, it can be immediately converted to a fully functioning open-heart surgery suite whenever a physician determines that a particular case warrants that type of care.

This hybrid facility provides even greater flexibility than a conventional Cardiac Cath Lab and, as a result, offers the residents of east Ventura County an important and potentially lifesaving option for heart care—right at home.