God’s Magnificent Works of Art

During my rather short life on this planet, I’ve had the privilege of living in 10 different locations in the United States and Canada. In each, I’ve met a most intriguing mix of amazing and wonderful people, and they’ve all had an impact in the shaping of my life. In most cases, I’ve discovered compassionate, kind and pleasant souls. In each place, though, there was usually at least one individual I found to be particularly challenging.

Art galleries have never been a passion for me, but on occasion I am drawn in to view the wonderful and unique ways in which artists use various colors to create works of art. A painting, viewed from an appropriate distance, may seem to present almost the perfect blend of colors to create a beautiful work of art.

Viewed up close, one can see the individual, distinct colors. Many are brilliant and bold; some are softer, appearing in only small strokes. Some colors are dark and ominous, and some aren’t very pleasing to my eye.

Our lives—as works of art—incorporate all the colors of the rainbow. Each color creates its own unique impression. Blended together on the canvas of our lives, they create a magnificent, beautiful and unique work of art. All the colors in God’s palette have a place in the big picture.

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

August 31, 2006