People Are Like Cherry Pies

Homemade cherry pies are amazing and very different from the store-bought variety. When a store-bought cherry pie is cut, the piece comes out whole, and the filling has the consistency of Jell-O.

However, a cherry pie made from scratch in your own kitchen comes out differently. When the piece is cut, you can clearly see the outline the knife has made. However, the savvy cherry-pie cutter knows that the filling is impervious to the blade of a knife and will be running out of the piece in no time if a plate is not at the ready. You cannot see the cut in the filling; it all runs together.

People are a lot like homemade cherry pies. On the outside, you see a single person. But on the inside, we’re made up of three components — physical, mental and spiritual — that all run together and really are inseparable. When something affects one component, the other components feel it as well.

Most of us feel quite at ease telling others how we address our physical component — the diet we’re on, the workout we do, etc. And we feel equally at ease discussing how we address our mental component — the books we’re reading, the classes we’re taking, etc.

The spiritual component seems to be a different story. I am asking you to be open to the idea of trying some new spiritual practices to enhance your own life. After all, what kind of cherry pie would you be if you didn’t tweak the recipe every now and then?

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

November 9, 2006