Being Good to Yourself

Are you good to yourself? I’m not simply referring to an occasional chocolate indulgence, though that may be a very good way to be good to yourself.

During the CARE training classes, participants shared some of the ways they take care of themselves. One lady has a designated day each week that is her day: Without guilt and with much enthusiasm, she participates in activities that are strategically chosen to bring her joy.

One gentleman “throws some weights,” and it makes him feel good, as well as look good. Another individual enjoys a television series she only permits herself to watch while she is working out on her treadmill. And someone else escapes into her music during a vigorous walk.

Denying oneself and being generous with others is recognized as a kind of goodness or piety. Someone who seems preoccupied with his or her own needs is considered self-indulgent, selfish or even egotistical.

However, taking time and energy to be good to yourself is not only healthy, but essential. Jesus admonished his followers to “love your neighbor as yourself.” In order to have the emotional resources to give love and kindness to others, you must first deliberately and genuinely love yourself. I realize this is a very difficult task for many.

The process of being good to oneself starts with thinking it, then picturing it, believing it and, finally, doing it. Someone who genuinely treats himself or herself with kindness and respect has the greatest capacity to be generous with others!

Simi Valley Hospital employees are so compassionate, caring and giving. In order to do this wonderful work, it is very important that you take time to be good to yourself.

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

May 10, 2007