Human Beings

A new high-tech gadget is about to hit the market. Perhaps you’ve seen the television ads promoting the new iPhone from Apple. Though many of the features are available on existing cellular phones, the iPhone adds some new features and makes them available in a sleek, stylish and futuristic-looking case.

On this single “widescreen iPod,” you can make phone calls, surf the net, watch movies, send and receive messages, display pictures, take pictures and wash the dishes. (OK, it won’t actually wash the dishes …)

I must confess that I love gadgets, and I am intrigued by the iPhone. I have friends who’ve had their names on the waiting list for an iPhone for some time. If the iPhone seems over the top, remember when you thought you’d never have use for a cell phone?

The computerization of our world has changed the way we live and will continue to affect it dramatically into the future—though I have the sense that the future has already arrived.

The main goal of the development of this technology seems to be to try to make machines that function more like human beings. I believe this pursuit declares the wonder and magnificence of the God who created life. There are some who feel the advance of technology destroys the credibility of a Creator God. As the capabilities of the technology continue to expand, I am even more amazed at the abilities of humankind. We are, in fact, “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

June 21, 2007