I Love Winter

The hot weather in Southern California over the Labor Day weekend established some new records and resulted in power outages for more than 40,000 residents. During this time, I was in Bakersfield, where one might expect very high temperatures this time of year.

Though it was indeed hot, the Los Angeles Times reported that Simi Valley was even hotter. I am grateful it’s the middle of September rather than the middle of July. The weather this summer has been quite pleasant, and I believe I will survive now that football season has begun.

During the Labor Day weekend, we did spend some time outside, though either in the early morning or the evening. Mid-afternoon on Sunday, I happened to glance outside. It was very still and eerily quiet. Not a soul was visible in the bright, hot out-of-doors. I wondered what it must feel like, so I stepped out into the triple-digit heat to take a walk.

The contrast between the mechanically cooled inside and the supernaturally heated outside was immense, but for a short time it felt comfortable, soothing, like the first few moments in a hot tub after rolling in the snow. Then suddenly I could feel it—the intense, uncomfortable heat—and I longed for winter.

I realize I’m hard to please. When it’s hot, I long for cold. When it’s dark, I prefer the light. When I’m served something sweet, I want something tangy. Whatever it is I have, it seems I wish for what I don’t have.

Someone once said, “More money gives you more choices.” I’ve discovered that the more choices I have, the more difficult it is to choose—and the less likely that I will be satisfied with my choice. Right now, though, snow and cold sound extremely inviting.

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

September 13, 2007