What a Beautiful World

Every now and then I look at something I’ve seen many times before that, in that moment, makes a profound new impression. On a recent flight across the country, I had such an experience.

Though I was listening to an audio book, I frequently glanced out of the window and was amazed at the vast and changing landscape that is the United States of America. From the golden hills of Southern California to the lush greenery of the South, I noted once again how beautiful and diverse this world is.

When I disembarked, I could feel the humidity, but it was tolerable. After I had retrieved my luggage and picked up my car, I left the airport in Nashville and headed to Chattanooga to visit my daughter.

Everywhere I looked, the primary color of the landscape was green, and it was evident that it had been washed recently. I learned that it had rained most of the day, clearing up just before our plane landed.

The temperature was in the low 80s, and the sun glistened on the drops of water dancing on the wind-blown leaves. Gently rolling hills disappeared into densely wooded mountains. Cows and horses grazed in the pastures. The high sky was a brilliant blue. It was breathtaking, and I felt refreshed, relieved and rejuvenated.

Sometimes it feels like life, work and the world are going to overwhelm me. The things that agitate, aggravate and annoy outnumber the things that soothe and satisfy. At just such a time, I need to break away and take a trip.

The trip doesn’t have to be cross-country over a long weekend. It can take just a few minutes. The wonder and beauty of God’s creation is evident all around us. There are times when I need to remove myself from the point of pressure and deliberately focus on the aspects of this beautiful world that ignite my faith and restore my soul.

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

September 27, 2007