God’s Little Expressions of Love

One evening after the Santa Ana winds had finally quieted, the calm outside seemed strange—almost eerie. I was drawn to my patio doors, and I glanced out at the motionless plants and trees.

Through the thick thermal pane, I heard something heartening. I slid the door open slowly. On the edge of the rock fountain, three birds chattered and jumped about as they searched for water under the thick pile of leaves and twigs. For days, the sound of the wind’s fury had been deafening. Finally, when it was quiet, God’s little feathered expressions of life brought joy to my heart.

Creatures great and small, in all their forms, inspire living. Trees are majestic and flowers are beautiful, but only animals breathe and move and talk. Some of these animals have been domesticated and live within our domain.

When everything around us seems to be overwhelming and frightening, the little creatures are a reminder that there is life outside of our troubles. Their attention assures us that we are loved. Their presence proclaims the existence of a God of love. Their shapes, sizes, sounds and colors speak of a Creator with a sense of humor.

This experience reminds me of a true story: A long-time former director of nursing had suffered a severe stroke. After more than a week in the hospital, she was unable to speak or move, and her face reflected no emotion.

Someone suggested that her family bring her little dog to visit. The moment they carried Charlie into the room and he began to bark with excitement, the muscles in her face began to twitch; tears welled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

God’s little creatures are sometimes the most dependable and entertaining expressions of His love.

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

November 8, 2007