Thank You

Father, when I wake up each morning, I am first gratefully aware that I am alive. Then when I open my eyes, I realize again how amazing it is to see. When I finally decide to move, I get out of bed and into the shower, and the hot water eases me slowly into a new day. As I taste my hot cereal, the sound of the dripping coffee alerts me to the stimulating aroma. When I get outside and find the sun in the sky, I breathe in the fresh air, and I realize I have so many reasons to give thanks.

For work that gives me purpose, meaning, energy and fulfillment, I am so grateful. You have blessed me with unique gifts and abilities. Thank you. And for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of individuals who are in need, thank you, Father. For an amazing group of people who join me each day in this effort to bring comfort, hope and healing to the vulnerable and hurting, I am grateful and blessed.

Thank you, Father, for my bed and my comfortable home. Thank you for so many delicious foods that I have difficulty making a choice. Thank you for the means to travel to almost any place around the world—or perhaps just over the Grapevine.

Thank you for good health and the ability to walk, run or ride my bicycle wherever I choose to go. Thank you for the comfort and safety we enjoy in Simi Valley, for the amazingly diverse beauty of California and for this country we are privileged to live in and exercise our freedom.

Lord, you’ve blessed me with life and love, amazing friends and a wonderful family. This is more than any one human being could possibly hope for. Thank you.

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

November 22, 2007