A Child’s Faith

In a couple of weeks, my youngest daughter, Kortney, will be getting married. One of my assignments prior to the wedding was to put together a collection of pictures of Kortney’s life journey to this point. In the process, I discovered wonderful memories that were captured in old photographs and even older slides.

Even more significant, though, was the intensity of the emotions that accompanied this assignment. I suspect that at this very moment, your heart is stirred as you remember your children and/or grandchildren when they were very small. How precious and wonderful are those memories, those pictures!

One photograph caused me to recall a particular experience with Kortney when she was perhaps just a couple of years old. On occasion, she and her older sister, Karissa, would go up a few steps on the stairs and I would stand at the bottom with my arms extended toward them. With a growing excitement and anticipation—not unlike that leading up to a death-defying acrobatic feat at the circus—they’d jump toward me one after the other and I’d catch them and whirl them around and then set them down safely. It became one of our favorite games. Their confidence grew as they increased the risk, but I was having a wonderful time with them.

One afternoon in the backyard, I was walking past the elevated stoop and Kortney called, “Daddy!” As I began to turn with my arms full of branches, I saw her flying through the air toward me. In a split second, I dropped the branches and, though I was off balance, I managed to grab her arms and pull her toward my chest as we both fell to the ground. She giggled and jumped up and said, “Let’s do it again!”

Once she discovered that if she jumped, I would catch her, she had faith that it didn’t matter where, when or how far: I would always be there. And I would always try.

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

April 24, 2008