Spiritual Courage

Billy was only 13 years old when he first heard the man on the radio talking about the Bible and how its principles could change people’s lives. It felt like the man was talking directly to him.

Though he’d heard of the book, Billy had no idea what the Bible was about. For as long as he could remember, his family had practiced a form of ancestor worship. The idea of an omnipotent, personal creator God who interacted with human beings on a daily basis was brand new to Billy, but extremely inviting. So he sent away for the free Bible lessons that were offered.

After completing most of the lessons over a period of months, he decided he wanted to go to a Christian church. Now 14 years old, he got on a city bus one weekend to find the church he’d located in the phone book. That trip changed his life.

Billy continued to attend the church, and when he was sixteen, he decided to be baptized. He also decided it was time to tell his father that he was going to join a Christian church. His father was extremely upset and forbade him to be baptized or even attend the church ever again. Over weeks, months and even years, Billy had to make difficult and courageous choices that would honor the God he’d come to love while doing his best not to disrespect his father.

Today, Billy is a Christian physician who supports his parents, as well as his own wife and children. Through that difficult time of conflict, his parents were impressed by the kind of person their son had become. His commitment, courage and love ultimately persuaded them that Billy’s new faith couldn’t be so bad.

by Chaplain Ron Hyrchuk

August 28, 2008