CT Body Scans

Simi Valley Hospital’s CT staff, pictured with the hospital’s state-of-the-art CT scanner, include Katherine Hillard, lead CT technologist; Monica Berlin, director of Diagnostic Imaging; Nalani Lopez, staff CT technologist; Dennis A., staff CT technologist; and Terry Shahrokh-far, chief CT technologist.

You hear a story about cancer or heart disease, and that familiar, nagging question rises in your mind: What if I have a disease I don’t know about? When it comes to your health, it’s normal to feel some anxiety over what’s going on inside your body.

Simi Valley Hospital can help ease your mind with a menu of services employing the hospital’s state-of-the-art CT scanner. Each of the following procedures is quick and totally painless:

  • Body scan — Examines the chest, abdomen and pelvis, including the lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, heart and more. After your scan, a radiologist will meet with you to discuss results. You’ll also receive a CD-ROM you can view at home. (Note: This exam does not include cardiac scoring or bone density analysis.) Cost: $695.
  • Cardiac scoring — A comprehensive look at the heart and its arteries, which can assess your risk of heart attack. Afterward, you’ll receive a report on the exam, written in easy-to-understand language, that will cover your risk for heart disease and recommendations for follow-up, if needed. Cost: $395.
  • Bone density exam — Searches for indications of osteoporosis. A report of the results is sent to your personal physician. Cost: $350, all or part of which may be covered by insurance.

A physician must refer you for bone density screening. However, physician referral is not required for a body scan or cardiac scoring. With any of these tests, hospital staff will ask for the name of your personal physician so that results may be sent directly to his or her office. Incidentally, any combination of these tests can be performed in one appointment.

To schedule a body scan or cardiac scoring, call Simi Valley Hospital at (805)955-6360. If you need help finding a physician, visit our online Find a Doctor service.