Health and Community Resources

Simi Valley Hospital is committed to enhancing the well-being of our community by providing an extensive selection of health and wellness resources. As part of our pledge to act as a valuable health resource, we grant access to a meticulously curated assortment of external links. These links facilitate connections to reputable organizations and platforms that disseminate information on a broad array of health-related subjects, including prevention of illnesses, strategies for maintaining wellness, dietary guidance, support for mental health, among others.

We acknowledge the significance of having access to dependable, current health information. Therefore, our assortment features resources from leading healthcare institutions, governmental health departments, and nonprofit entities renowned for their contributions to public health and education. Whether you are searching for advice on managing persistent health conditions, seeking methods for leading a healthier life, or requiring assistance with mental health issues, these links provide crucial insights and advice. – American Diabetes Foundation is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and curing diabetes and to improving the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Through research funding, information dissemination, and advocacy efforts, it seeks to combat the diabetes epidemic by fostering innovation, supporting affected individuals, and promoting public awareness about diabetes management and prevention. – American Heart Association, Ventura County is a regional branch of a national organization focused on fighting heart disease and stroke. It aims to save lives and improve health through research, education, and emergency response. This chapter engages the community in Ventura County through various programs, advocacy, and fundraising events to promote heart-healthy living. – Canadian pharmacy is an international online service focused on the distribution of prescription medications and health-related products. It offers a variety of pharmaceutical services aimed at meeting the needs of citizens in Canada and the USA, including personal consultations for medication management. – Arthritis Foundation is a local chapter of the national foundation, dedicated to improving the lives of millions suffering from arthritis. By funding research, advocating for health policy changes, and providing resources and support, it aims to reduce the impact of arthritis on individuals and communities in Ventura County. – Simi Pharmacy is a local pharmacy offering a comprehensive range of services including compounding, durable medical equipment (DME), medication synchronization, multi-dose pill packaging, veterinary compounding, and immunizations. Positioned next to Vallarta and Gold’s Gym on Los Angeles Avenue, it focuses on personalized healthcare solutions, aiming to meet the diverse needs of its community with professional service and care. – Community Pregnancy Clinic offers compassionate support, medical services, and education to individuals facing unplanned pregnancies. It provides a safe space for making informed decisions, offering services like pregnancy testing, ultrasound, and counseling, emphasizing respect and confidentiality. – Free Clinic of Simi Valley provides comprehensive medical, counseling, dental, and legal assistance to those in need. Operating on a volunteer basis, it aims to offer accessible health care and support services to underprivileged members of the Simi Valley community, regardless of their ability to pay. – The United Way is a local division of the global organization, committed to addressing the root causes of key social issues. It mobilizes resources, fosters partnerships, and develops programs to improve education, financial stability, and health in Ventura County. – Ventura County Public Health Department works to protect and promote the health and well-being of Ventura County’s residents. It offers a wide range of services, including disease prevention, health education, and emergency preparedness, aiming to create a healthy environment for all. – Meals on Wheels/Simi Valley is a community-based service program dedicated to delivering nutritious meals to seniors and individuals with disabilities in Simi Valley. By providing daily contact and ensuring access to balanced meals, it supports the independence and well-being of its clients.