Volunteer Opportunities

Lifeline Volunteers

Lifeline VolunteerThe local Lifeline Program started in Simi Valley in 1983. It is a cooperative program that is operated by Simi Valley Hospital, the Simi Valley Council on Aging and the Moorpark Senior Center. A team of 25 volunteers operates the program. The program currently provides service to nearly 200 subscribers, primarily frail seniors with medical needs.

The Lifeline Program is always happy to welcome new volunteers, whose assistance can be in one or both of two main categories:

  • Installing and servicing the home communicator units in the subscriber’s home and explaining how the help button and home unit function.
  • Calling a list of subscribers at least once per month to make sure that the button and home unit are still functioning properly.

“For the volunteers, this is a way to give something back to the community,” said Don Hunt, volunteer director of the local Lifeline Program. “If we are fortunate to live long enough, we will all someday reach a point where we may need assistance from someone. Knowing that they can be that someone who serves the needs of others gives the volunteers a sense of satisfaction. Most of them go over and above what is required of them. For instance, instead of making the equipment-check calls just once a month, the majority of the volunteers call twice a month or more, just to make contact. The volunteers give their contacts a high level of TLC. They are just really caring people.”

If you’d like to become a Lifeline Program volunteer, call Dottie Curameng, director of volunteer services at Simi Valley Hospital, at 805-955-6952 or send an email.